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- GBN Adult || 2023 BOD Officer Nominations
- GBN Adult || State Dues (Club Dues & Additions)
- GBN Adult || Officer Change
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- GBN Adult || Conservation Report
- GBN Adult || Creel Report
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2023 Adult | College Event Dates
Bassmasters Classic - 3/24-26/2023 || Tenn River || Knoxville TN


Adult SC - TBD || TBD || || TBD

College Qual - TBD || TBD || TBD || TBD

2023 BASS Nation Championship - TBD || TBD || TBD

BASS College National ChampionshipTBD || TBD || TBD

News & Information
GBN 2023

📢 Welcome to 2023 !! GBN looks forward to another great year for all !

📢 2023 is a GBN BOD election year. If your club has nominations, PLEASE use the form above under "GBN Adult-College Forms/GBN Adult || 2023 BOD Officer Nominations". Nominations will be accepted until Feb 15, 2023. Requirements include:
- The nominee must have been a member of an affiliated GBN Chapter for a minimum of 5 years AND active (all membership requirements current) on a GBN chapter's roster prior to the nomination.
 - The nominee must have held an office in an affiliated GBN chapter as an elected officer prior to the nomination for a minimum term of 3 years. (i.e President, Vice President, Tournament Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Conservation Director)

📢 GBN would like to remind all clubs, dues for 2023 BASS Nation and GBN State are now payable! PLEASE ensure that your rosters are up-to-date and dues are paid in timely manner. PLEASE use the form above under "GBN Adult-College Forms/GBN Adult || State Dues (Cub Dues & Additions)"
📢 REMINDER: GBN State dues must to be paid by Jan 31 in order to avoid the 10% penalty. For a returning club, a minimum of 8 members must be submitted by January 31 to avoid the 10% per member late fee. Additional members can then be added until July 1.
New clubs must enter a minimum of 6 members.
See GBN website / GBN Handbook under GBN Constitution Article II Section 2 for membership requirements). 

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Posted on December 31, 2022